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Aircraft Battery Accessories - BatteryMINDer® Model 128CEC1-AA-S5 - 12V, 8 Amp

BatteryMINDer® Model 128CEC1-AA-S5 - 12V, 8 Amp - aircraft battery accessories

BatteryMINDer® Model 128CEC1-AA-S5 - 12V, 8 Amp

Concorde® Battery Corporation’s engineering department worked closely with VDC, the makers of the BatteryMINDer®, to develop the 128CEC1-AA-S5 Charger / Maintainer with optimal charge and maintenance voltages for Sealed AGM RG® Series batteries. Concorde conducted extensive testing to determine the ideal float voltage for optimal battery performance with extended battery life. The new settings are incorporated in the S5 model. Long term float testing comparing -S2 and -S5 models revelaed that the -S5 setting maintained battery capacity at 100% state-of-charge (SOC), whereas the -S2 maintained battery capacity at only 85%-90% SOC.

Maintaining batteries in a good state of charge is crucial for airworthiness and optimum performance. BatteryMINDer® Model 128CEC1-AA-S5 is an intuitive; Plug ‘n Run, 8 Amp, 12 Volt, temperature compensated maintainer.

  • Optimized to work with Concorde’s sealed AGM RG® Series 12 Volt lead acid aircraft batteries
  • Will not overcharge at any temperature over any time frame
  • Charges battery completely and maintains full charge
  • Built in temperature sensor compensates charging based on battery and environmental temperatures
  • Temperature compensation prevents over or undercharging
  • Extremely efficient, low operating cost
  • Indicator lights for power, connection, fault, battery condition, charge status

  • Included Accessories
  • 6` AC cord, 6` DC cord with quick connector
  • 2` Fused Battery Clip Cord Set with Quick Connector
  • Ambient Temperature Sensor (Installed)

  • ***Either 128CEC1-AA-S2 or 128CEC1-AA-S5 BatteryMINDer® units are acceptable for use on Concorde’s CB Flooded Batteries (wet batteries with caps for electrolyte replacement).

      Certified Installations

      Click below for certified FAA installations of this accessory.
      4164-CEC 12V, 8A Battery MINDer Model 128CEC1-AA-S5, Charger/Maintainer/Desulfator
      This battery accessory fits the following batteries:
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