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The RG-442 Aircraft Battery From
Concorde® Battery Corporation The RG-442 is a Concorde® Platinum Series® Aircraft Battery. The Platinum Series® is comprised of premium hand made AGM Aircraft Batteries with excess power for many applications.

RG-442 Battery Specifications:
Battery Specifications
Primary Aircraft Purpose Turbine Starting Aircraft Battery
Voltage 24v
Rated Capacity C1 = 1 hr.
rate in ampere hours
Max Weight 86 lb / 39 kg
Concorde® Battery
Part Number
23°C (74°F) -18°C (0°F) -30°C (-22°F)
RG-442 1200950 1025800 875675

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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Aircraft Battery Applications:
RG-442 Certified Battery Installations.
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Concorde Aircraft Batteries model RG-442
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Description of the RG-442 Aircraft Battery:

RG-442 is a sealed, valve regulated lead acid starting aircraft battery with TS-C4 Temperature Sensor approved (Concorde part number 5-0124) to Parts Manufacturing Approved to replace the original nickel cadmium battery. The RG-442 is form, fit, and functionally interchangeable with the existing battery without onboard modification.

As a direct lead acid replacement for the nickel cadmium battery, the Concorde RG-442 valve regulated battery greatly improves battery performance over nickel cadmium types in cold weather climates.

At a fraction of the initial investment for nickel cadmium types, the Concorde RG-442 battery will save maintenance costs. The first maintenance (capacity) check is performed at 12 months or 600 hours, and subsequent checks at 4 months or 200 hours, until the battery reaches the minimum capacity of 85%. Once the battery’s airworthiness performance service time is established, the Concorde replacement battery can be operated for that total time free of maintenance checks.

RG-442 Concorde Aircraft Battery Drawing

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